Flexible Credit

How Businesses Benefit from Working with Flexible Trade Credits

In today’s business environment, especially for companies that operate internationally or cover large ground, distribution and the costs associated with it are a challenge. Along the supply and distribution chains, logistic and cost-related problems must be addressed often, and one of the best tools in keeping your processes smooth is to work with a company offering flexible credit.

From top pharmaceutical companies to pharmaceutical generic companies, Big-box retailer companies, largest generic pharmaceutical companies, Big-box retailer chains, Pharmaceutical retail chains, and generic pharmaceutical companies, we can help you grow. We partner with reputable pharmaceutical distributors and pharmaceutical manufacturers and we can help businesses from different parts of the world.

What Does Our Company Do?

OCI, our London-based independent supply chain provider, has over 10 years of experience working in B2B partnerships with top pharmaceutical companies and businesses in other industries. As a pharmaceutical distributor, we have a vast network covering the Americas, EMEA; Asia, and Africa, with strategic points in Japan, China, the US, and many more.

We understand the need of our partners to keep the supply chains flowing and find the right pharmaceutical distributor even whilst changes are being implemented, new clients are introduced, or when they are going through a growth phase. For our partners, the flexible credit solutions we work with translate safety against industry shocks, volatile markets, or a sudden growth in demand. We offer our partners logistical answers and help them find the right pharmaceutical wholesale distributor, Big-box retailer companies, largest generic pharmaceutical companies, Big-box retailer chains, Pharmaceutical retail chains, and generic pharmaceutical companies.

How Does a Flexible Credit Help Your Business?

We at OCI work with highly-specialized companies from various industries, one example being the pharma sector. We enable large customers to buy from the top pharmaceutical companies to pharmaceutical generic companies.  We offer credit solutions to pharmaceutical distributors or pharmaceutical wholesale distributors to supply on flexible credit to large global clients. We can also help you if you are a pharmaceutical distributor or a pharmaceutical wholesale distributor, Big-box retailer companies, largest generic pharmaceutical companies, Big-box retailer chains, Pharmaceutical retail chains, or a generic pharmaceutical company.

Our flexible credit solutions allow these companies to finance their operations during times of the year with heightened activity. For smaller pharmaceutical generic companies, our credit solutions can mean launching their business to large global clients or importers of pharmaceutical finished products or active ingredient manufacturers not restricting to pharmaceutical distributors.

When your company is able to stock immediately, without having to pay upfront, you have a clear competitive advantage over a pharmaceutical distributor, for example, that doesn’t qualify for trade credit. You won’t have to block your cash flow in order to get your goods, keeping your business up and running. Another great advantage of getting goods on credit is being able to buy discounted items or materials in bulk.

Partnering up with us and getting a flexible trade credit also contributes to your reputation, showing other partners in the trade that you have the financial strength, and are reliable and know how to use these financial tools strategically.

Benefits at large to Customers and Suppliers

  • We can participate in your existing contracts, enable immediate payments to your suppliers, and extend credit terms to your organization.
  •  Flexible Credit Terms for Customers in the form of 90-180-365 days
  • Lower Purchase Costs through Global Sourcing, existing contract negotiations, relationship management, bulk purchasing, early settlement/prompt payment   
  • Discounts, renegotiating supplier terms, structuring the provision of credit, and extended credit terms to buyers.
  • Significant reduction in existing debt
  • Significant positive impact on key financials, i.e., debt/equity ratio and a quick ratio
  • Our deferred invoicing will match suppliers resource cash flow
  • No upfront fees and no liens/charges/UCC filings
  • Competitive with bank financing
  • Simple and effective onboarding process with rapid transaction turnaround
  • Option to negotiate with suppliers, receive a discount for advance/upfront payments, and cover the interest portion from the discount received.

Contact Us for Flexible Credit Solutions

We are proud to partner up with top pharmaceutical companies and help them finance their projects, keeping their operation flow intact even during volatile times. We have international offices on 5 continents, and our financial team is based in London, UK. Contact us and find out more about our supply, procurement, distribution, and credit solutions.

Our specialists are ready to present our network, distribution channels, a portfolio of case studies based on successful partnerships with top pharmaceutical companies, and what we see as the best fit for your business needs.

Contact us and let us know how we can help. Regardless of what aspect of the pharmaceutical industry you are dealing with, be it, you’re a pharmaceutical distributor, a pharmaceutical wholesale distributor, or a pharmaceutical generic company, we will find the right credit solution for you.